Bold and Colourful Statements

Teaching Art

Now, this is a bold statement but I believe that color is the most important element of art. BOOM, there I said it, now think about it.

If you are met with a stark white canvas and you splash pepto bismol pink paint all over it, you have created a discussion, you have created art. Colour ignites so many emotions, so much wonder and awe that no line could. Now, I am prepared for some backlash from line and shape enthusiasts but because I am being backed by bold blues, I am ready for some colourful bruises! Bring it on!

For this reason and for my extreme love of colour, the very first art lesson back from break, was aimed to explore colour. Students participated in four experiments, cleverly called, The Colour Carnival (pat, pat), where they reviewed what they may have already known and investigated things that they might have wondered. From filters and colour wheel vocabulary to colour mixing bags and simply, colouring, the students loved spending time exploring.

Color Wheel Vocabulary

    Before I sign off, I want to leave you with three things. Another bold statement, an apology and a poem.

Bold Statement: Black is a colour. BOOM!

Apology: I am sorry America, but I have adopted the British English way of spelling ‘colour’. I understand if I am not allowed back.

Poem: Colours by Mary O’Neill

The colours live between black and white, in a land that we know best by sight. But knowing best isn’t everything, for colours dance and colours sing. Colours laugh and colours cry, turn off the lights and colours die. And they make you feel every feeling there is to the grumpiest grump to the fizziest fizz. And you and you and I know well, that each has a taste, each has a smell and each has a wonderful story to tell. 

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