Fabulous Fascinators

Making Art

I had the pleasure of attending a millinery workshop hosted by Awon Golding, a London based milliner who had returned to her once home of Hong Kong for a visit and to share her knowledge, passion and haberdashory talents.

Awon, stylish, laid back and exotically ambiguous, welcomed me and helped me get started on a floral fascinator. As other participants trickled in she flitted around and helped everyone at different stages, helping them get to the next.

After selecting from a smorgasbord of flowers, feathers and freckled veils, I began sewing the mauve fascinator onto the ribboned headband. From there, I nestled the netting on the base and arranged the flowers in a bouquet as a topper. After securing it with stitches, I added the last bit of netting to finish it off.

To be frank, making the fascinator was easier than I thought. However, gathering all of the materials to create one on your own would be the difficult part. I am grateful to have spent time learning from a master and gaining the confidence in knowing that come derby day, I will be making my own fabulous fascinator!


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