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It all started in the fall of 2012. Living in Shanghai and having cheap trimmings and materials at my finger tips, I set out to make an epic halloween costume. Behold, the Spaghetti and Meatball Costume.


The concept and execution are simple but the effect is sensational if I may say so myself. A bucket or tub gives you dimension as well as a place to store your stuff for the night. For this particular costume, I also used a canvas which I painted black to give the illusion of a table. This also allowed for more props to be glued on top for more detail. This same idea was also used for my 2014 halloween costume, Bowl of Mac ‘n Cheese.


In other adaptations, only a bucket was used which acted more like a corset, as in the Colonel Sanders Costume and Tea Cup Costume. All structures have a slit int he back where you get in and out of. However, the canvases can be stepped into and sit snuggly on the hips. Usually I bring along some clear packaging tape to seal the seam.

IMG_7097Tea Cup Costume_1

I have tackled other materials to achieve a similar look. For the Martini Glass Costume, I used two sheets of plastic and for the Bonfire Costume I cut a piece of foam board into a circle and then paper machéd rocks around the opening in the centre.

Martini Costume_4thumb_IMG_0587_1024

Note that none of these costumes work without props. From a paper machéd drumstick to a marshmallow head piece, the extra details are key to make the costume complete.

19 thoughts on “The Bucket Costume

    1. Hi Janet!

      Thank you so much! I got the clear plastic vinyl from a stationary/hardware store. It has to be firm enough to hold it’s shape and is similar in weight and thickness to overhead projector sheets. WOW – I am dating myself here. Mine came in a roll and I had to double it us to make it thicker and then tapes the edge wth clear packaging tape.

      I hope this help and good luck!

      Ms. Kit Lang

      1. Thank you so much….no worries on dating yourself lol I remember those projector sheets well! Thanks again.🎃😊

  1. The martini costumes are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! May I ask what kind of plastic it is? I really want to make a costume like this, but I can’t seem to find the right kind of plastic!

    1. Hi Lexie,

      I used a plastic that is similar to overhead projector sheets. It came in a roll from a stationary store. To make it hold it’s shape, I layered two pieces and then taped the edge with clear packaging tape.

      In you are in the US I would suggest asking Staples, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby if they have such plastic.

      I hope that helps and – GOOD LUCK!

      Ms. Kit Lang

  2. *Another martini question*

    Does the plastic surround you and sit on your hips or did you attach it to the dress somehow? Also, so you know what dimensions you used to cut the plastic? Thanks!!

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for your message! The plastic cone sat on my hips and didn’t attach to anything. I created a template out of paper and trimmed it until it fit around my waist and provided the cone-like shape I wanted. Then, I traced the paper template onto two sheets of the plastic and then used clear packaging tape around the top edge to seam the two pieces together. This makes the plastic stiffer and better holds the structure.

      Hope that helps and cheers! : )

      1. Was the plastic you used similar to a shower curtain liner? Or thicker than that?

      2. Thicker and stiffer than that – like acetate sheets we used to use for overhead projectors. This will prove to be the most challenging to source. I found a roll of it at a stationary store in Hong Kong where I live.

  3. I am being a martini glass for halloween. I love how yours came out. what did you use to attach the olive on the skewer to your head. It seems to top heavy to be on a headband

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for your interest!

      I paper mached a ballon, hot glued it to a head band and then position the stick inside. Because the olive is a hollow paper ballon, it is light and not too heavy on the head.

      Here is a link to my youtube video on how to paper mache a balloon.

      Hope that helps!

  4. What shapes were the pieces before you stuck them together for the martini glass? I’m trying to make this but I am struggling!

    – Kind Regards Margarita

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