DIY French Beret

Making Art

Beret’s can be expensive especially if you simply want to use them for a costume. Here in Hong Kong they run for $50 HKD ($8 USD) but with minimal effort, you can make one yourself for $8 HKD ($1.15 USD). I needed to provide 50 berets for teachers and staff to wear at an art auction and with a limited budget this with what I came up with.

Materials that you need include:

  • scissors
  • white chalk stick
  • felt (traditionally black but any colour will do)
  • ruler or measuring tape
  • paper for template
  • soft black felt
  • matching thread to the felt
  • sewing machine

Begin by creating a template. My template for the two larger circles of felt needed was 12 inches in diameter. For the hole in the hat, I used a 6 inch diameter template however, everyone’s noggin is different so adjust measurements according.

Simply trace your template on the felt with the chalk and cut out the circles. Use the smaller circle template to trace and cut out a hole in one of the two circles. Pin them together and then sew along the edge.


Lastly, turn the hat inside out and sew a small piece of the felt on top of the hat for the tail. Now, allow this to be the disclaimer, you should only use this hat for costume purposes. It will not keep you warm nor should it be worn in Paris. I am not liable for any Parisian violence or ‘beretting’ inflicted upon you.

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