Goodbye Tiny Tin Hau Art Room

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I began my journey at The International Montessori School two years ago. I had arrived on the heels of a long and heated petition to save the campus. Because the landlords wanted to develop the campus into something more lucrative like housing, parents of the school went to the press, the government and the Hong Kong Education Bureau to fight to keep the site a school. They won but the landlords decided to replace our school with another one. Likely because our community had put the kibosh on their plan to up the annie on the money making ability of their real-estate.

The school was built in 1958 after the war and IMS has happily resided in it from 2010 – 2016. It echoes the art deco era and it can be seen in it’s railings, windows and a large mural at the front of the building. It is actually a registered historical building in Hong Kong and although we are sad to leave it, I am happy to know that children will keep it alive and youthful.

In each room there is a portrait of one of the buildings many donors. Often after a school tour, parents would ask who these people were and if the children salute them like a portrait of Mao.

The Tin Hau campus will merge with our larger campus in Stanley. It is a beautiful part of the island and boasts a much bigger art room.

The new school year and new campus  will bring on many changes but like the Tin Hau campus, they are just walls. It is the people inside that make the school great. Farewell Tin Hau Campus, may you continue to be a home for learning and inspiration for children in Hong Kong.



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    1. Thanks amessyartroom!

      I really appreciate your support! I will keep the post coming and I will most definitely be checking out your blog to see the amazing messiness in your art room!

      Ms. Kit Lang

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