While traveling, I don’t always get to visit art museums. Don’t get me wrong, I love art museums and in fact I hold a minor in Museum Studies and Art History, but art museums don’t house art of the people. The streets are where you find it.

From a tag to a sprawling mural, street and graffiti art are the tattoos of a town. Like ink to skin, paint to walls tell stories of the people who live in their confines.


London, 2015


Detroit, 2016

I don’t know the artists who use brick and skin as canvas but I can begin to understand the buildings an people that wear them. Some are a whisper, some are a yell and each one has a different story to tell.


Chicago, 2016

Canon PowerShot SD780 IS_20120406_071146

Sarasota, 2013

Finland 2012 384

Helsinki, 2012




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