The Birth of Venus

Being Art

I have once again been inspired by my hero, Cassie Stephens, to create a character that would ‘show up’ in the art room to deliver information and missions in class. The character, Venus McArtsy, was spawned from things I had in my fancy dress box and she has taken on a life of her own. Like Cassie’s alter ego, Mona Lisa, Venus is a cool chic who loves rock music and team work.

I introduced Venus to my students on the very first day of class. She delivered information to help the students complete a scavenger hunt in the art room and they absolutely loved it! Who doesn’t like a rocker chic with orange hair, right!? Next, Venus showed up to introduce the artist, Romero Britto. Another hit! Moving forward, I plan to write more songs to popular rifts about artists or styles of art, record Venus singing them and then show them in class. As we all know, kids are glued to the screen and I feel that they have remembered the information presented via song and video more so then if I would have deliver a PowerPoint.

While students listened to the song, they answered questions when Venus sang the answer. Then, as the students worked on their Britto inspired project, I played the song. By the end of the lesson they knew where Britto was from, when he was born, what style of art he creates and who he has been influenced by. Here if the worksheet: romero-britto_song-worksheet

This is Venus McArtsy, sayin’ over and out! But don’t forget Rock Stars…keep on rockin’ in the free world!

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