Radial Balanced Circle Weaving

Teaching Art

Search ‘circle weaving’ in Google, Pinterest or Youtube and you will find hundreds of paper plate loom examples. How is this circle weaving lesson different, you say!? Well, there are actions, a rap song and giant props! Inspired by the art goddess herself, Cassie Stephens. I combined the work of a local artist and learning objectives centered (pun intended) around the Principle of Design, balance, to create a dynamic multi-faceted art lesson for my primary students.

Using the artwork of Salome Tam, students learned about radial balance from viewing  and discussing the ‘nature piles’ that she creates from found natural materials.

In fact, Venus McArtsy interviewed Salome Tam! So, if you would like to watch her create a nature pile before your very eyes, click on the link below.

Before drawing concentric circles on paper plates, students learned the three different ways they can create balance in their art – symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance and radial balance. Students then painted the circles with colours of their choosing.

Once dry, students demonstrated their understanding of radial balance by painting patterns that radiated out from the centre point of their plate. It was almost a shame to cover up some of the patterns with their weavings!


Students warped the loom with black yarn and then began adding different colours of weft as they wove.

If you have facilitated a weaving lesson before, you know that getting the students started is challenging but once they get the hang of it they can whistle while they weave! So stay strong weaving compadres – it gets easier and is well worth it!

Here is a step-by-step demonstration of the lesson from beginning to end. Trust me, watch until the end so you can see the rap song!

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