Seed Pod Prints

Teaching Art

From a tiny seed, this lesson grew from diverse and thoughtful processes to bore a dynamic and stunning finished product. From participating in the design process to exploring a variety of art materials and techniques, Grade 1 students created seed pod motifs on foam print plates inspired by their observation seed pod studies to create a textured print influenced by the artist, Sophie Munns. This original lesson idea and plan was spawned by my teacher partner, Claire Kirk, and I had to privilege to help cultivate and participate in learning that flowered and flourished by both student and teacher.

Students began by discussing the artwork of Sophia Munn’s, A Hong Kong artist whose passion and love for nature can be seen in her artwork.

With seed pods and seed capsules as the subject in most of her bodies of artwork, her textured surfaces and bold layering of seed pod motifs lent lots of inspiration to our young artists.


Students then created an observational drawing of various seed pods. Using pencil, ink, watercolor and pen, students learned how to look for lines and shapes to help them draw what they see.



After learning about stylised designs, students created motifs based off of their detailed seed pod studies. They then selected two motifs to transfer to foam print plates. After cutting them out, they were ready to prepare the background for their see pod print.


Using dark red card, students learned how to dry brush to create a textures background resembling a fall forest floor. Students then used thinned teal acrylic paint to produce their first print on the background using one of their seedpod print plates.


Then finally, they printed their second seed pod print plate using thinned white acrylic paint. Students were able to successfully use the design process as well as printmaking vocabulary while participating in the process.

The ideas taught in the lesson will hopefully begin to grow and produce new artwork from the seeds of learning sewn.

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