Dotty About Yayoi

Being Art

I have been a massive fan of Yayoi Kusama since 2013 after I attended her exhibition at the MOCA in Shanghai. Knowing little about the artist, I was riddled with spots of inspiration and left with dots in my eyes from the kaleidoscopes of colors, sticky installations, and gourds of supernatural wonderment! I, of course, captured my enchantment with one of my first Instagram posts! With my declaration of love posted to the world via social media, it was official, I was dotty about Yayoi!


Since then, I have facilitated lessons to lower primary students centered around her artwork, life, and inspirations.

I even wrote a song about her and her love of all things spotted and dotted!

And most recently, I attended Art Central in Hong Kong dressed like Yayoi! I posed by all of ‘my’ artwork being shown by various galleries from around the world.


The reactions from children was the highlight of my disguise as they poked the polka dots on my dress and asked questions about my firey red hair. I like to think that one day, the ‘dot will drop’ for them and they will realize that they either saw Yayoi in their youth or conversed with one of her biggest fans.

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