Birds of a Feather

Being Art

As you know if you follow my blog or my Instagram handle, I use any and all opportunities to dress up. So, naturally for the Killers concert this fall, I made some feathered shoulder pads inspired by the jackets worn by Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of the Killers. With Halloween right around the corner, I thought the same process could be used to make other feather themed shoulder wear and may be useful to my fellow flock of DIY costume enthusiasts.

To make the feathered shoulder pads I collected and scavenged the following items.

  1. A small amount of thin cardboard – a tissue box, or cereal box will do
  2. Colored felt of your choosing
  3. Feathers attached to a ribbon for ease of gluing
  4. A hot glue gun and glue sticks
  5. Ribbon for trimming and detail work
  6. Safety Pins


Start by cutting the cardboard to the length of your shoulders or however long you would like the shoulder pads to extend. Then, cut a piece of felt that can be wrapped around the cardboard covering it like a present.


Use this as the base to glue the feather trim on either side of the felted foundation. I also plucked the feathers from the ribbon trim to arrange and then glue the individual feathers around the edge where the feathers curve around the shoulder.

Then glue the trim or ribbon to the top of the feathers to seal them in and stave off any feathered fraying.


Simply pin the felted base to the shoulder of your frock. Note that pinning is easier when not wearing the top – TRUST ME! Once properly positioned, you are ready to soar! Godspeed my feathered friends and be sure to tag me in photos of your funky feathered frocks so I can see you take flight!


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