Baby Belly Painting

Being Art

As soon as I found out that I was pregnant, I started dreaming up different baby belly painting ideas. However, I did not consider the difficulty of putting on my shoes while preggers let alone painting my own belly! After a little encouragement, my husband agreed to paint the baby bump and it turned out to be a beautiful bonding experience between me, my beau/bae and our baby.

The first belly painting was a design by the artist, Lisa Junis, a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, and designer born and raised in Luxembourg. Because it was a body painting, I assumed I would use body/face paint. Although it worked, it was difficult to blend and layer. The results were still bold, blue and beautiful. With my husband’s new found baby belly painting skills, we began planning our next bump painting.


With my love of Yayoi Kusama stronger than the force, I had hubby paint a yellow polka dotted pumpkin on my bumpkin for Halloween. This time, we tried using acrylic paint and it worked like a dream! Cheap, easy to find and fast drying with the ability to layer, the painting went much quicker and lasted a lot longer. In fact, I was able to peel the entire pumpkin off my bump like a sticker and have actually saved it in a scrapbook! WARNING: It was painful as it acted like a wax strip and removed much of my baby belly fuzz.


For our third baby belly painting, our theme referenced a bit of popular culture. With the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody playing in theaters and my husband sporting a mustache for Movember, my belly was Queen (later we learned it was more like King). Little did we know that our baby boy would break free three weeks earlier than anticipated fulfilling this painted prophecy! We had planned to do one more baby belly painting but bubs had other plans.


The baby belly painting allowed my husband and I to spend hours looking at our baby. Albeit, a flesh barrier between us but it allowed us to spend time with the baby before his arrival. As the paintbrush painted a polka a dot, a little kick. When a gem was applied, a hiccup. These moments, although small, made beautiful memories before our bump became baby.

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