Stained Glass Rose Window Mandalas

Teaching Art

Grade 2 have been creating Mandalas for the last few years as a capstone of their journey in Lower Primary. This year, I wanted to do something slightly different. Using stained glass windows as inspiration, this unit not only focused on learning how to build Pattern using Line, Shape and Color but also allowed student to participate in a deeper discussion on why art is made.

Enduring Understanding: Art can be made to worship and give thanks to God.

After looking at the stained glass windows in the church we have on campus, students looked at the stained glass windows of many different churches and cathedral from around the world. Students then began gluing tissue paper to create a background for their Mandala. Using latex glue to seal the tissue paper done, the glossy finish was smooth to design on but also reflected the light like glass.

Once dry, students learned the step-by-step process of creating a an 8 point Mandala. I pre-drew a circle and guidelines on each canvas with white Posca marker to help students create symmetrical designs.

Students used black Posca marker to create their designs and then added white Posca marker to create Contrast.

Using black matte acrylic paint, students used a small round brush to outline the edge of their design before using a large flat brush to paint the edges and sides. The matte paint against the glossy finish of the Mandala helps to make it look like a brightly colored stained glass window design.

For an early finisher activity, student could work together to create a digital Mandala on an iPad. Using the website,, students used the Elements and similar techniques to create a Mandala in completely different medium.

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