Book-A-Week Costume – Triangle, Circle, Square

Being Art

Whether it’s for a Book-A-Ween parade or Book Week, here is an easy, versatile and fun DIY costume idea inspired by the books Triangle, Circle & Square by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen.

For the past couple of years, I have organised a group costume for the Specialist Team. The ideas and details outlined below can be used for an individual person or a group of any size. Further more, there are several variations based on the amount of time you want to commit to the costume.

  1. Add flare to a mask. The pandemic has provided us with an accessory we can’t live without…literally. For our costume, we utilised this already uniformed accessory and glued cut-out felt shapes of Jon Klassen’s Triangle, Circle and Square and hot glued them to a white masks.

2. Create a headband. Our lovely librarian helped make these fun headbands using Canva. Simple to make and easy to wear, headbands for the win!

3. Make a bigger statement by wearing a headpiece! Using foam board, a headband, hot glue and some paint, you can create large headpieces of the iconic shapes. When making the headpiece it’s important to cut the legs of the shapes to allow your head to fit between. Although a bit heavier and a little trickier to wear, these larger than life shapes are worth the effort!

4. United through simplicity. When coordinating costumes for an entire group, it helps to have everyone wear the same color or style of dress. In this instance, everyone wore black which made it really easy. Little investment but high impact.

4. Use the book as a prop! Thanks again to our lovely librarian, we had several copies of the books that we can use as props. It helps for the students to see the book alongside the costume to help give it context.

Easy to make and fun to wear, this costume connected to a popular series of books is sure to be recognised by kids and approved by teachers!

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