The Art Teacher’s Uniform

Art teachers owe it to their students to put some pattern, colour and flare into their school attire. My spirit guide, Cassie Stephens, exemplifies this. I came across Cassie’s Blog and Pinterest boards a year ago and have been inspired ever since. Check out ‘what I wore’ on her blog to see the awesomeness!

Building an arsenal of art teacher clothing will take years and necessary sewing skills, but in the meantime I have found my art teacher uniform. Reluctant to wear my normal clothes to work as they will be ruined, I have purchased thirty of the same dress but in different colours and patterns. These dresses are purchased at a no-name shop down the street from me and cost approximately $4 USD each. I accessorise with headbands and big earrings, and in winter I pair them with tights, boots, cardigans and scarves.


Until I have a corresponding outfit that relates to each and every lesson I teach (my dream), these convienent one-size fits all dresses do the trick for now.

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