Fabulous Fascinators

Making Art

I had the pleasure of attending a millinery workshop hosted by Awon Golding, a London based milliner who had returned to her once home of Hong Kong for a visit and to share her knowledge, passion and haberdashory talents.

Awon, stylish, laid back and exotically ambiguous, welcomed me and helped me get started on a floral fascinator. As other participants trickled in she flitted around and helped everyone at different stages, helping them get to the next.

After selecting from a smorgasbord of flowers, feathers and freckled veils, I began sewing the mauve fascinator onto the ribboned headband. From there, I nestled the netting on the base and arranged the flowers in a bouquet as a topper. After securing it with stitches, I added the last bit of netting to finish it off.

To be frank, making the fascinator was easier than I thought. However, gathering all of the materials to create one on your own would be the difficult part. I am grateful to have spent time learning from a master and gaining the confidence in knowing that come derby day, I will be making my own fabulous fascinator!


Art Supplies in Central

Making Art

This post is for the ‘Hong Kongers’ that need a little help with where to buy art supplies in and around Central. Do note that such supplies are cheaper in Sham Shui Po but if you are like me, I would rather pay a little more to avoid going to the dark side just for some googley eyes. Am I right, or am I right!?

As you know, finding the cheapest supplies is trial and error. In fact, just yesterday I bought spray paint and then found it cheaper 10 minutes later at another shop down the street. So, I marched back and demanded that they allow me to return it. After putting my angry ghost face on, I was met with success. With that, lets start off with paint.

Spray paint, furniture and large project paint can be found at neighbourhood hardware caves. My local is on the corner of Jervios street and Hillier street. A can of regular spray paint will run you $24 HKD. In this hardware cave there is a friendly young cave man with great English very eager to help.


For crafty items, meaning everything from styrofoam balls and glitter glue to oil paints and crate paper, the stationary mecca of Central is located on in the alley of Wing Wot Street, off of Queen’s Road.  Now here is the catch, everything is slightly marked up because they know we live on an island so be prepared to pay a little extra for convenience.

My all time favourite supply store is on Stanley Street next to the promised land for fancy dress, a.k.a Pottinger Street. This place has fake fruit, international flag bunting and a nice selection of art materials. It is a magical kitchen drawer store and every time I am amazed at the wondrous things that they are hawking.